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Hello! What an awesome pleasure it is to see you land in our store. The name "Yolandipity" came about as a result of the love of the term serendipity and my name, Yolanda. My two beautiful teen daughters and I are published authors of an inspirational book titled, "Ladies It's Just a Piece of the Puzzle," which is available for purchase on the following websites: Wal-mart, Amazon, as well as Barnes & Noble (link below). In the book I share the good, bad, and ugly situations of my life, and how God has and is making it all fit together just like the pieces a puzzle. Our products focus on the positives of the "Beatitudes" and discussed in the book of Mathew, and are scripturally based. In my store I have brought together the term serendipity (the good) and the "Beatitudes" into some very nice and inspirational merchandise that can help you put some of the following in your life, meek-ipity, heart-ipity,heaven-ipity, hungry-ipity, peace-ipity, kingdom-ipity, merci-ipity, and comfort-ipity. I hope and pray these items bless you, your friends, family members, co-workers, associates etc., as they have blessed us. God's Very Best to YOU!...

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Meet the owners of "Yolandipity" and published authors of "Ladies It's Just A Piece Of The Puzzle"

If you are asking yourself, "What are the Beatitudes?" Watch the video below:

"What exactly are the Beatitudes???"